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Top Adventure activities that you need to try in Yelagiri

Yelagiri is an excellent tourist destination in Tamil Nadu, which is less know to various travellers. Yelagiri is famous for its lofty peaks, soothing breezy climate and greenery. It’s a paradise for all adrenaline junkies who love to explore adventures. The top activities to try in this destination are;


We all wanted to fly. You can fulfil this dreamy desire by trying paragliding in Yelagiri.  There are more than six location in India where you can try your hands on Paragliding and picturesque the region is one among them. The extravagant view of the lush verdure will definitely make your paragliding experience even more enjoyable.

If you are trying tandem for the first time, you can go experience this with an instructor. It’s a definitely safe and you need not worry about anything. You can also take a certified course about paragliding here.

There is no age bar to try paragliding in this region. It’s a heavenly feeling to watch the aesthetic clouds surrounding you. It might take a couple of hours to accomplish the whole session. The best time to experience is between Jan to Feb and Oct to Dec.

This activity has been established recently just to draw attention of tourists to the region. This sport is not just for men, but women can also try paragliding which will bring out your inner child.

Rock climbing

Another never – miss adventure activity in the region. Its another activity in Yelagiri that has grown enormously in the recent times. Being a hill station, there are various options for rock climbing in this region. There is no particular season for experiencing this.

You can try it all round the year, which is feasible for you. But this is not recommended for people with heart condition or people who are weak. You need to have nerves of steel to experience rock climbing as its super daring.

Summer season is the right time to indulge in rock climbing. Never try it during the monsoon season as the rocks might be slippery to climb on. Never forget to follow all the safety measures taught by the instructors to experience safe climbing.



Yelagiri stands at the peak of 920 feet above sea level. It has various alluring trekking trails. It has ways that are preferable for both experienced and amateurs. You can see flourishing vegetation scatters on both sides of the trek paths. The popular trekking path that you can take in this region is the beautiful trek to Swamimalai located at the height of over 4000 feet. It’s the tallest peak in Yelagiri which offers an excellent view of the surrounding region. The total trekking distance is six kilometres (to and fro). The trek begins from the small village called Mangalam.

You can see rows and rows of agriculture field sin this little hamlet. Once you get here, you will be allured with a captivating view. The other trekking routes in the region are the paths along Javadi and Palamathi hills. You will have to permit from the forest department to trek through the trails, this might take around 40 minutes to complete the trek.

This green and dense jungle is a home of numerous snakes which you can spot during the trek. There are ample of people who visit this region. A must try place at least once in your lifetime.


  1. What is Yelagiri famous for?

There are loads of tourist places to visit in Yelagiri like as nature parks, telescope observatory and others.

  1. What to buy in Yelagiri?

The region is quite famous for honey. You can buy either home made or natural honey made ones.

  1. Should I visit Yelagiri?

The place Is worth visiting and has worthy tourist places to visit. As listed above you can also experience a lot of activities in this destination.

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