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Paradise in God’s own country – Wayanad

Wayanad in Kerala is a perfect weekend getaway. It’s a beautiful, calm and relatively less ravaged by commercial tourism. Wayanad is famous of paddy fields and also for rolling green mountains and vast stretches of tea, pepper plantations and coffee plantations in the middle of banana and coconut groves, rare species of flora and fauna, exotic birds and others. There are caves to be explored, heritage museums that show cases the history of Wayanad, very old temples and a rich tribal culture that is well known even to the layman.

If you are travelling from Bangalore to Wayanad, then take route through Mysore and rive from Kozhikode to Wayanad. These two destinations are the more scenic drives of the South. In fact, the Wayanad touring begins with this drive. Once there, you have loads of options of just relaxing back and enjoying the peace and calmness or set the adrenaline pumping with treks.

Pookot Lake

If you are not adventurous, then begin with Pookot lake, a scenic and serene freshwater lake with boating facilities. You can also drive up 9 hairpin bends through lush splendid forests to Lakkidi, the highest point of the town at seven hundred metres above sea level and get a chance to glance the breath-taking view of the valley.

Edakkal caves

Also never miss the Edakkal caves which have pre historic etchings on their walls. These were formed from the arrows shot by Lav and Kush says the local legends.

Banasura Dam

Nestled 21 kms away from Wayanad town, is the largest earthen dam in India and a place of unparalleled beauty. An excursion over 3 three at the dam is a most soothing balm for a tired soul.

Chembara peak

For an adventurous traveller there are a loads of treks leading to different idyllic places hidden deep in the hills. The most challenging one is the Chembara peak, the city’s highest peak. This trek which might take a whole day is not for novice or the uninitiated trekker. But once you are there, trekkers swear that the view from the top is worth the time you spend there. Some of them might also stay on top of the peak for a couple of days in the tents and guides lend by the Tourist Promotion Council of Wayanad.

Kuruwa Island

Kuruwa Dweep or Kuruwa Island has more than 900 acres of virgin forests along the tributaries of the Kabini, filled with orchids, herbs and rare species. Again, this forest is not the dedicate hearts as you might see a few friendly leeches sticking to you as you go through the forest. Check with a travel desk as there are loads of picturesque treks and make sure to go with a guide as its easy to lose your way.

Wayanad also has some very innovative staying choices. In keeping with the tenets of eco – tourism, some hotels provide a rustic experience even going to the extend of avoiding the use of electricity.  If you are looking for eco friendly options to stay, then a resort near the Bansaura Dam is said to provide rooms built from mud bricks and natural stone.


  1. Why is Wayanad famous?

The town is famous because of its beauty. There are loads of tourist spots in Wayanad that you must never miss on your vacation. Its is also rural area in Kerala but the scope of tourism is so much today.

  1. Is it safe to travel to Wayanad?

It is absolutely safe to travel to Wayanad. There is nothing to worry about to travel to this destination. The roads are good in condition and climate is also normal.

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Wayanad?

The ones listed above are some of the most popular places to visit in Wayanad. There are still a lot.

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