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An excellent holiday destination in South East Asia

Located in South East Asia, Singapore is nestled in the southern end of the Malay Peninsula. Consisting of smaller islands such as Jurong and Sentosa, it is one of the world’s top transport hubs, with over eighty airlines connecting the airport Changi to 200 cities around the world. When visiting Singapore, one has a huge range of options in terms of shopping, entertainment, dining and accommodation.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore flyer in the Singapore is the largest observation wheel in the world which measure up to 150 meters in diameter. The flyer offers visitors with an alluring view of the whole city going at 0.21 meters/ second.

Singapore zoo and Night safari

This is a unique kind of zoo that enables animals to live in an environment similar to their natural habitats. The zoo utilizes streams and rocks as barriers to keep these animals from going astray. The night safari is situated right next to the Singapore Zoo. Travelers can view nocturnal animals at the time when they are active. The safari looks colorful with illuminated lights and entices visitors to see the animals without disturbing them.

Jurong Bird Park

Animal freaks who love the experience of visiting the zoo and safari will definitely the experience they will have in the Jurong Bird park. This walk – in aviary includes more than eight thousand birds belonging to six hundred various species. These birds come from different countries. There is also a magnificent man – made waterfall is the middle of the wonderful landscape, making the park an excellent haven for all the free- flying birds.

Science center

A great way for kids to study science while having so much of fun at the same time. The interactive exhibits are sure to attract the kid’s attention and a 3-D- IMAX movies can make these topics interesting. This center will be fun for children and for the while family as well.

Sentosa Island

This island includes many other attractions like as Fort Siloso Museum, underwater world and Tiger sky tower. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful beaches around the island. The beaches here includes its own personality, and travelers can stay on the beach which sites them, or also go around the beaches for a more well – rounded experience.


Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Definitely easy to recognize among all the other buildings in Singapore’s skyline. This building is shaped like a boat which is perched on the top pf 3 – 55 storey buildings. The most popular feature of this resort and casino is the infinity pool which measure 150 meters long. There are also so many facilities and establishments here, which also includes spas, bars and restaurants.

Universal Studios

This is one of the top attractions of Singapore that can be found in Sentosa Island, but it deserves its own merit. Universal Studios is actually one of the first studios in Southeast Asia, with attractions and rides that travelers are sure to enjoy.

Local cuisine

Local delicacies like as Chicken rice, Chilli Crabs, Laksa make every traveler drool. You can also find food courts, street stalls and restaurants easily in this destination that you can taste the local food with family and friends. You can find a range of Asian cuisines from Thai Tom Yam Soup to traditional Chinese delicacies.



  1. What is Singapore known for?

The Island city of South East Asia, Singapore is known for its clean streets and chic and tall buildings.

  1. Is Singapore Expensive to visit?

One of the most expensive cities in Southeast Asia is Singapore, but it’s still affordable than most western cities.

  1. What to Shop in Singapore?

Kaya or coconut jam, local beer, unique kitchenware, Orchid perfumes and Durian products are some of the things that you could shop in Singapore.

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