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Why you must visit Shirdi?

Shirdi is located in Maharashtra, in a small village in Ahmadnagar. The temple is very important pilgrim place for the people of all religions, caste and creed.  The temple is devoted to Sai Baba, a young fakir of eighteenth century with Charismatic super powers. This is the place where the sacred body of the baba is resting in his Samadhi. This samadhi was built with white marble with decorated railing. The baba statue is built of Italian marble. The articles and pictures used are preserved at the first floor of the temple.

Some of the places to visit on your next Shirdi tour are listed below; while these are just a few, there are many as well to explore in this small town.


Dwarkamai is an old mosque where the baba same and turned it into Dwarkamai. He stayed here till the end of his life and solved the issues of people and also cured their sickness and worries. The first level of this place has a portrait of baba and a huge stone on which baba used to sit. There are two rooms on the same floor. The first room has a chariot and a palkhi is kept in them. One of the main attractions of this place is the oil painting of baba carved in wooden shrine and a wooden vessel called as Kolamba in which Sai used to take Bhiksha from people.


Sai Baba came to Shridi at a young age as Yogi and was first seen sitting under a neem tree. This is the place called Gurusthan. There is a small shrine here and you can also glance the big portrait of baba from the elevated platform. The temple has includes a marble statue of Sai, Shivlingam, Nandi, images of 12 Jyotitlings.

Chawdi Mandir

On every other day, Sai Baba used to sleep in this place in the night. On every Thursday in Shridi there is a trend that is still followed. Holy Padukas and the Satka are take here. Its also divided into two parts and a huge portrait of Sai Baba along with a wooden bed and a white chair which belongs to Baba.

Khandoba Mandir

This is located near Sai Baba temple and the temple belongs to the Poojari Mhalsapati who welcomes Sai when he stepped in Shridi. You will also find the icons of Mhalsai, Banai and Khandoba in this temple.

Lendi Baug

This Bagh was made and watered by Sai Baba himself daily. Baba every morning use to come to this Bagh and rest under a neem tree. One octagonal deep Griha made of marble is also present here in the memory of earthen lamp that is kept by Baba. At the entrance there is also a Samadhi of aredent Sai devotees.

The other places to be visited in Shridi are cottage of Abdul Baba, Shaymsundar Samadhi, Datta Mandir and Maruti Mandir.

Baba believed in Karma and he never peached or initiated people into any rites or mantra. He worked on them, he changed them from inside and he made them burn the karmas to their benefit.


  1. When can I visit Shirdi?

Winters are an excellent time to visit Shirdi which happens between December to February

  1. How to get VIP darshan pass in Shirdi?

You can visit their official website to get the VIP Darshan pass or also download the mobile app. The pass will be offered manually at PRO office in person.

  1. How many are enough for Shirdi?

You need only one day to see all the places in Shirdi. But when you book online at their official website and also the accommodation asap before you start your travel, else you will have to wait for few hours to get the darshans.

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