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The Scotland of North East India – Shillong

The capital of Indian state Meghalaya, Shillong is a beautiful hill – station that allures a huge number of travellers every year. The travellers are called to call it as the “Scotland of the East” and is surround by the hills. It’s a splendid place thar provides a pleasant weather all the year around with the added charm of being pollution free. There are a huge number of attractions in the region that are well – covered.

The Elephant falls

While you are exploring the region, you need to visit the Elephant falls which is also famous by the name of “Three steps waterfalls”. You can also visit the Lady Hydari falls which is an excellent place to visit which you family and friends. This park is close to a zoo and stretches over a kilometre. This place is one of the most famous and beautiful attractions locals swear by us the Wards Lake, which is an artificial lake with garden and boating facility. Another interesting place in the region is the Motphran, also known as the “Stone of France”. If you are in search for a nice picnic with the friends and family.

Shillong Peak

This is also an excellent place for you. It is the highest point of the region and provides the gorgeous views of the countryside. You can also visit the Sweet falls which is also called as “Weitden” amongst the locals. Its one of the most splendid waterfalls of the region and its located near to the Happy valley.

Shillong Golf Course

Gold freaks must definitely visit this golf course which is one of the largest golf courses in Asia. It’s a natural golf course and has an excellent beautiful yet challenging. It’s set in a valley covered with pine trees and rhododendron. Its also one of the wettest gold courses and the main obstructions provided here are in the form of rain and trees. The present course features eighteen holes.

The Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures

An excellent place if you love rate category of history buffs and culture cultures. Its an excellent place for learning about different cultures, with special emphasis on those of the north East.


The Entomological Museum

Its an excellent place to visit. It’s a privately owned museum and is the only place in India devoted to butterflies and moths. There are a huge number of hotels in the region that provide a close proximity to these tourist places.

Wards Lake

A scenic destination, Wards Lake is the popular shoe – shaped lake. One can enjoy a huge range of fishes in pristine fresh waters, from the arched bridge. The green lawns surrounding the place and sparkling lake under the sun’s rays with destination’s Botanical Garden and the regions club located at a close proximity, makes the destination a hot spot among travellers.


Police Bazaar, Bara Bazaar and Lewduh are some of the main markets of Shillong where handicrafts made by the local tribe and small-scale industries flourishing in the region.  Provides a large variety of native agricultural produce such as honey, pineapples and wild mushrooms, etc.


  1. What is Shillong popular for?

The destination is beautiful capital, home to various waterfalls, hills, quaint land forms and waterfalls.

  1. The best time to travel Shillong?

Visiting Shillong between April to June is recommended. Temperature during this time stays between twenty-four degrees Celsius and fifteen degrees Celsius.  Some of the top places to visit are elephant falls, Umiam Lake and other listed above.

  1. Is Shillong safe?

Shillong is a matriarchal society and its one of the safest destinations to travel in India.

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