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Visiting little France of India – Puducherry

Pondicherry situated on the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal is also known across the world for its interwoven charm of spiritual aura, Tamil culture and French Colonial heritage and the cosmopolitan flair of various nationalities. It was a once a French colony which then was one of the Union Territories of India after independence. Tourists from across the universe came here to spend their holidays in the serene and scenic ambiances of pristine nature.

Shri Aurobindo ashram

One of the largest institutions of India founded by Sri Aurobindo. It offers charity to the people. If you love meditation then this ashram is a must visit in Pondicherry. The ashram is also involved into yoga teaching. The ashram includes a printing press and cottage industry where high quality hand made papers and pottery are made.

Botanical gardens

The botanical garden in Pondicherry opened in 1826 that lies at the fat western end of the old Tamil Nadu. It was built in the formal French style. Almost 1500 exotic kinds of trees, gravel walks, flower beds and fountains make this beautiful place.


Also called as the city of dawn, situated in northwest Pondicherry. It’s a unique township in the shape of an urn. The buildings reflect the mix of modern western and traditional Indian architectures in the middle of greenery. Founded on 28th Feb 1968.

Sacred heart church

A church in brown and white in the South Boulevard and nearby peaceful, extensive Botanical Gardens was open in 1740. The Church has stained glass panels with stories of Jesus Christ. There are tombs with ornate marble deco along the cemetery.

Serenity Beach

The longest beach and an excellent site to gaze at. The pleasant breeze from the Bay of Bengal makes it preferable for relaxing, sun bathing and swimming. The beach has witnessed the battles between the British and French.

Paradise beach

Also known Plage Paradiso beach and is situated at Chunnambar. It’s a perfect place for leisure vacation and beach sport.


Mahe beach

This beach has a resort which is twenty-two kilometres south of Kannur bordered by lush palm trees. There are various fishing settlements. The beauty of the beach is enhanced by the splendid Goringa Godavari River strolling through rich mangrove forests.

Manakulavinayagar Temple

This temple shaped like a globe is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Built nearly more than five centuries back. The wall of the temple has different poses of Lord Ganesh.

Navagraha temples

This is another famous tourist attraction of Pondicherry visited by a huge number of devotes and tourists throughout the year. Each temple of this place is a sanctum for one of the 9 divines’ celestial bodies. It is believed that these planetary bodies play a numerous essential role in the calculations of astrology, which have a vital impact on a human being. The 9 celestial bodies are not the 9 planets but the 9 gods of Hindu religion.

Travellers across the globe prefer Pondicherry tour to feel the vibrancy of natural visits, spiritual preaching, French colonial heritage and Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo.


  1. When can I visit Pondicherry?

Pondicherry or Puducherry is best visited during the months of March and October.

  1. What is Pondicherry famous for?

Travelers of Pondicherry also indulge in various water activities like scuba, surfing and diving etc.

  1. Is Pondicherry worth a visit?

Its absolutely a place to visit, like other places in the world. It totally depends on your curiosity and intelligence. Alcohol is affordable, streets are different.

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