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Malaysia – Top places to explore

Malaysia is a splendid travel destination which offers so much. The entire country is so classy, with beautiful natural wonders, historical gems, vibrant modern cities and much more. The diversity of attractions makes it an excellent place for anyone to visit. Whether you wish to relax on the beach, hiking in the forest or want to explore the cultural attraction, Malaysia got all to satisfy you.

Langkawi Island

This island is a marvellous place to relax and escape from stress.  Situated off the Malaysian west coast and it’s a part of an archipelago. It has some of the cleanest beaches and pristine water in the pacific, so its perfect for diving and swimming. The island, and nearby waters are also perfect for boating and many people travel there on boats. The island also has some bars, resorts and restaurants, but usually has an easy – going space. This island will make a beautiful spot for romantic getaway and honeymoon. You will find some of the best that this alluring country has to provide.

Sipidan Island

This island is commonly recognized as one of the world’s top 5 places for diving. This island was formed by coral growing on top of a volcano cone and is one of the eye catchy spots of the country. The clean water creates a tropical paradise, and there is a huge and exciting marine life to discover underground3. Sitting on the east coast of the Malaysian part of Borneo, this island is a perfect destination for scuba divers coming from all over the universe. Experienced divers can head out on their own, or you can take diving lessons from a local instructor. Non – divers can also have fun underwater views in the snorkelling sites situated on all sides of the island which also have attractive sandy beaches. You could also see some huge monitor lizards entering the water if you are lucky enough.


Petronas Twin Towers

The tower is now the tallest twin structures in the universe. This is one of the most iconic skyscrapers in Asia and is one of the great spots for a photo op. They are more than eighty floors and 1,230 ft high and are situated in Kuala Lumpur. Both the towers have more than thirty thousand windows that are fully protected from UV rays and harmful solar radiation. Travellers can take in splendid views of the city from the skybridge and observation deck. Tickets can be purchases in advance to avoid long queues. Visiting the palace is probably one of the top places to visit in Malaysia.


The historic state of Malacca or Melaka is one of the top places of visit in Malaysia and it’s the most fascinating places of the visit. There is so much rich culture in this area, which includes old buildings and temples that have been maintained for centuries. You can find unique and rare blend of old and new worlds but perfect. You can see various historical buildings from the Portuguese era and also ultra – modern structures portraying modern times. Melaka is also home to various fascinating museums. This place is an excellent place for a day trip – the unique history of the town makes it an ideal place to wander on a pleasant day. You can also experience the culture, heritage and customs of Malaysia.

Other places like Kinabaly National Park and shopping places in Kuala Lumpur must also be visited on your vacation to Malaysia.


  1. What is Malaysia famous for?

Malaysia is famous for coastal tourism.  The food in Malaysia is heaven and it’s a blend of Indonesia, China, Thai and India as well.

  1. Is Malaysia costly to visit?

A holiday trip to Malaysia is affordable and it might cost you around RM200 to RM300 per night.

  1. What to buy in Malaysia?

Hand woven gifts, sarong, Batik, Songket, tropical art and instant noodles are some of the things to shop in Malaysia.

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