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Paradise among the hills – Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal also referred as Kodai, a popular hill stations, is one of the major tourist destinations in South India. Usually the destination is compared to Ooty, another well known hill station, due to its pleasant weather and dense green locales. This spot is famous among honeymooners, nature addicts and adventure freaks. Hotels in Kodaikanal cater to all classes of tourists by providing accommodation facilities. People near the destination love visiting here because of the cold weather and presence of loads of excellent spots.

Kurinji temple

South India is well known for temples. Though this temple might not be architecturally magnificent like its South Indian counterparts, the location where its built is scenic. From the view point that is constructed near the temple, one can see the Palani hills to the North. Summer festival is the highlight of the temple which is performed during May each year.

Green Valley

Also referred to the view point constructed at the edge of a very steep valley. This is located adjacent to the Golf club of the destination. This place has been very dangerous to visit for various years due to lack of safety measures. Now the government has taken steps to build a tall fence so that vacationers are saved from crossing a particular point. Safety initiatives by the government have made it a real place of interest.

Silver falls

Situated on the way to Batlagundu to Kodai. This place is as closer to foot as its to the town. Also, it can be easily reached. This is also called as “Monkey Falls” as this place is a house to plethora of Indian monkeys. This water fall looks like a thin white line reaching the sky and the falling to the ground in a scenic place of interest.

Lutheran church

This place is also equally famous as Kurinji Temple. This is a very old building built during the British period. The Church has figured in various south Indian and Hindi movies. In fact, the reasons for this place to interest various local travellers is that they have admired this place in movies.

Shenbaganur Museum

This museum is excellent initiative by the local government to showcase specimens of the while flora and fauna of the town under one roof. The authorities have tried their best to preserve almost every species of plants and animals one can see on the majestic stretch of western ghats.


Pillar rocks

Pillar rocks view point gives you a glance of adjacently standing tall huge rocks. The attraction is not the rocks but the overall view of the rocks adjacent to lush and dense forests.

Trekking locations

Apart from the landmark locations mentioned above, there are various places where travellers can camp and trek. Both trekking and camping needs permission from authorities.


You can also enjoy boating at the Kodaikanal lake and these are available at per hour basis. Cycling and trekking are other activities that you can enjoy here. Horse riding is available at the entrance of the boat club.

There are various other places of interest in Kodai namely Coakers walk, Bryant park, Berijam lake, silent valley view, Guna caves, pine forest and devil’s kitchen. Make sure to visit the pine forest, they are real fest for the eyes.


  1. When to visit Kodai?

The destination can be visited all round the year, but the perfect time is in the winter which is between Oct to March.

  1. What is Kodai famous for?

The serene hill stations, handcraft centers, leather items and other wood articles and sweet confectioners are very famous in Kodai.

  1. Is Kodai worth a visit?

The destination owes its natural beauty and it is a famous place for honeymooners in South India.

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