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Hong Kong

Why you should visit this vacation destination – Hong Kong

Why do people travel? Because travelling gets people see the world, try new things that they never done before. Sometimes, people like to have fun and unwind from their stressful life. They interact with each other people, explore other tradition and embrace various culture.

Tourism on this small island is high and each millions of people visit here with a combination of mainland and foreigners. Skyscrapers at night provide visitors an overwhelming feeling. Different kids of dishes any person will surely adore. City is a mix of modern and traditional outlook. A bit westernized and yet conservative in the general impression.

Here are some of the interesting places that you should never miss on your next vacation to this island

Disney land

Opened in 2005, the 301-acre Disneyland in Hong Kong draws millions of visitors every year. The part, like its sister parks around the universe, has themed lands like main street, adventure land, tomorrow land and fantasy land. The smallest of all Disneyland, Hong kind Disneyland was constructed to accommodate more than thirty thousand visitors each day.

The park uses mostly Mandarin and English for communication with travellers but includes a guide maps which is also available in Japanese and Chinese.


Victoria Park

One of the most iconic places to visit in Hong Kong, this 552m tall mountain overlook the city Kowloon and Victoria Harbour, providing breath taking view during the night. This peak is also called as The Peak locally, is found on the western half of Hong Kong. The top – most section of the mountain is closed to public due to the telephonic tower but most other parts are open for the public. The peak draws more than seven million visitors and the site is crowded in the evening where visitors enjoy the splendid views of the city lights. With two shopping centres constructed to help the tourists, this peak provides a complete day of shopping in the morning and dining plus photo taking in the night.

Ocean park

This is a marine – themes park opened in 1977 and more that million of visitors visit here. Among the most famous attraction there are “the Dragon” roller coaster and the California sea lion shows.


This is also called as gourmet district. For shopping, food, cultural attraction, this place called as Tsim Sha Tsui is where must visit. A famous temple called Wong Tai Sin is also found here.

New territories

If you adore nature a lot, then visit this place on your next vacation to Hong Kong. The Lantau Island showcases the heritage of the city. Some parts are redeveloped to be satellite modern cities and some are with natural and historic parks which are preserved.



  1. Is Hong Kong a part of China?

Hong Kong is separate country and it’s a part of China. The People’s republic of China is called as Hong Kong formally. It was once a British Colony till 1997.

  1. What makes Hong Kong unique?

Hong Kong was once a British Colony after the Opium war. The cross – culture created by the mix of East and the West make this place a unique destination from the rest of the world.

  1. What are some of the famous foods of Hong Kong?

Some of the famous foods of Hong Kong are Wontons, Fish balls, Roast goose, Shrimp balls, Wind sand Chicken and steamed Shrimp dumplings.

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