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Popular tourist destination to visit in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the top places to visit in the World. It is not unexpected to know why they are the top destination to visit with beaches, huge shopping malls and restaurants. Dubai has a lot you want. You will never regret visiting Dubai as it has so much to explore and discover.

If malls are something that never excite you, then Dubai has a lot to pick from. There are loads of places to visit in Dubai. And we have listed the top ones that you should never miss on your next vacation to Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa

This is the tallest building in the universe and the structure is a masterpiece of the modern world. The view from the top floor is absolutely splendid. Its like a standing on the wing of a flight.

The Dubai mall

Apart from the huge building, Dubai is also famous for its big shopping malls. But, you have to check the malls to believe this statement. As a matter of fact, the shopping and eating are a side attraction. For example, you can see a Sega world, cinema, Kidzania and others in the mall. The Dubai Fountain is also an excellent place to visit.

Mall of the Emirates

Skiing in the Mall of Emirate is an excellent experience. The longest run is about thousand three hundred feet. Also, you can rent the needed Ski Gear and you can get a lot of lockers. If you are visiting with kids, you might need to head to the snow park where you get an inflated tube and slide down on the splendid slopes.

The Jumeriah Beach walk

This is also the biggest residential building in the universe. It is also called as JBR around the area. Also, the building included 36 towers. You can also see some famous restaurants and cafes near the building where you can have delicious meals.


When in Dubai, you need to visit a special place to have an unforgettable meal. For this, you have loads of options. But, for a memorable night out, we recommend you to check out Zuma. This is a Japanese hotel and includes a lounge areas and a bar. They have excellent staff to make sure a great dining experience.

The lost city

The Atlantis is a fiver star hotel resort where you see a lot of hotels and nightclubs. Also, there is a water park called as Aquaventure for a thrilling experience.

Day Tripping

Many travel companies take you to the city tour and camel rides. If you are an adventure freak, you can hire a 4×4. You will be bathing in the rock pools of the popular Hatta.

Burj Al Arab

This 7 – star hotel is the most recommended list of places that you should check in Dubai. If you are into eating at high class hotels, we recommend you to eat at Burj Al Arab. You will definitely have loads of fun.




  1. Is Dubai worth visiting?

Dubai is worth visiting. There are loads of street food that can be seen in the Al Dhiyafah Road, which means that it is not that costly as you imagine.

  1. Can I wear Shorts in Dubai?

Yes, you can wear shorts and skirts that are in Knee length in Dubai.

  1. Why is Dubai so rich?

One of the main sources of the country’s wealth is form its wealthy maritime activities. It was once a fishing town and become an essential port by the early 20th century.

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