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Plan a perfect holiday to Coorg

Coorg tourism offers an excellent natural beauty and a lot of scenery and greenery on display. This place has a relaxing and calming effect on the visitors. Coorg is also called as Kashmir of the South due to its splendid natural beauty. There are beautiful spice and coffee plantation in the town. The watersfalls like Abbey, and the splendid river Kaveri. It’s a pollution and noise free town. There are extravagant places to visit where this beauty is on display like Thadiyandamol and Mandalpatti.

Abbey falls

This is one of the most essential aspects of the town’s tourism as it adds to the beauty of Coorg, which is the town’s main asset. It’s seventy feet fall on the Kaveri river making an excellent sight to enjoy. This fall of the pristine water of the River Kaveri has a floral surrounding. You will have to make a 500 meter downhill walk from the road to visit the falls. It advisable to wear proper shoes while visiting this place. The roads around the falls are broken but the walk is worth the mind – blowing view of the falls. This water fall is situated seven kilometres from Madikeri. The best time to visit this falls in during monsoon which happens here between July and August. The falls is quite famous in Coorg among travellers and locals who love to visit here.


This is one of the top places to visit in Coorg to witness the extraordinary scenic beauty of the city. The best way to enjoy its real beauty is to take an upward trek, which is loaded with classic sights around you. There is no better way to explore the beauty of the town in detain that a trek to this place. The tiring and exhausting trek, but it’s worth to visit when you attain the top cause the most breath-taking view is waiting for you at the peak. The trek at this place offers tourist a chance to enjoy the greenery, hills and the real essence of the town on foot in detail. So, a Coorg tourism experience will be incomplete without it.

Nisargadhama forest

This is another important part of Coorg tourism where the spending beauty of Coorg is seen properly. The forest is an attractive place to visit in Coorg. There are bamboo plantations in this forest adding an extra beauty to the place. It is also a famous picnic spot among locals and tourists, as they come here to spend a refreshing and relaxing day in the middle of the natural beauty on display at the forest. Also, this forest is an excellent place to visit in Coorg mainly for kids and animal lovers. The most famous attraction in this forest is the elephant safari and deer park, which is considered a must do for the kids. There is also a souvenir shop for the travellers where they can buy things related to the forest for the memory of their vacation.


  1. When can I visit Coorg?

This destination is a year – round places to visit in the India, the best time to visit his place is between Oct and April.  During March and April are the months when visitors enjoy the scenic beauty of the town with shrouded valley. Also, it is advisable not to visit during June to Sep as of heavy rainfall over the destination.

  1. What is Coorg famous for?

The city is a tranquil and its famous of its varied wildlife, sightseeing places, coffee plantation and ethnic warrior people of the city.

  1. What to buy in Coorg?

You can buy coffee, organic spices, exotic homemade wines, honey, silk saris and homemade chocolates on Coorg on your next vacation.

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