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A must visit Bandipur National Park.

Bandipur national part is one of the oldest parks located in Karnataka, Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary. And it is considered as one of the largest wildlife reserves of India. It’s a part of Nilgiri Biosphere reserve and is highly protected by the Indian Government.

A home for Bengal tigers

Bandipur park is home to more than seventy royal Bengal Tigers and more than 3000 Indian elephants. Its is also an important part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The park is also famous for its sandalwood trees and some of the rare most species of flora. The park is also famous for rate species of bamboo trees and timber.

Affordable accommodation

There are various types of accommodation available in the location, which range from rest houses, forest guest houses to private homes. The choice of accommodation might depend of the requirement and budget. Resorts in this location have basic to advanced amenities. Resorts and premium luxury hotels in Bandipur have all luxurious comforts which can make your stay relishing and enjoyable.

Bandipur park

One of the best wildlife parks where you can experience abundant wildlife creature. Choosing for a safari tour is highly suggested to all who visit the park. This trip is suggested to all who visit the park. Safari can be either is an open jeep or on an elephant. Pick the one that suits your comfort. Resorts here provide safaris at affordable prices.

Also, remember to arrange the resort stay in advance while planning for Bandipur National Park vacation. It will eventually prevent last minute hurry burry. Bandipur vacation will not only take you through the exuberant wild life and plant life, but also close to nature that blossoms in various forms.

Apart from a rich natural landscape, the wildlife population is dense in the region. The reports situated within this dense forest. Thereby making it simpler for the visitors to search at exotic species of animals and birds living here.


Prominent location

One of the main reasons for travellers deciding to stay in the Bandipur resorts is in their prominent location which is within the main location of the forest. But, the luxurious facilities of these resorts provide a life time experience to the travellers. The huts and cottage are fully equipped with all amenities. It’s a memorable experience for the travellers to start their mornings with the delightful view of unusual playful birds in dense green gardens of these resorts.


  1. Where is Bandipur National Park located?

The Bandipur National part was established in 1974 and it’s a tiger reserve which is situated in Karnataka, India.

  1. When can I visit the Bandipur National Park?

Bandipur National Park is best visited during the months of October and March. The park is nestled in lush greenery where birds and animals.

  1. Is Bandipur worth visiting?

Yes, this park is quite worth visiting. The park is located on the Mysore – Ooty road. And allows you to do deep into the forest to discover the wild world around you.

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