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Top countries to visit in Asia

Being the world’s largest continent, Asia has been a famous travel destination since decades. Tourists from all over the universe love to visit various Asian countries, owing to reasons like their natural beauty, exotic culture and historic significance. A major benefit of traveling to Asia is the fact that you plan a long vacation in a very low price. Since most of the travel places in Asia are affordable, you can plan an excellent vacation even if you have limited bucks to spend!

Some of the top places to visit in Asia that you must visit are;

Tokyo Japan

One of the best travel destinations where you can plan a satisfying yet an affordable trip. If you are a techie, then this city is just for you. the place marks the world’s most rapidly growing economy. You will find all modern technology in every tiny thing in life here. Also, the cuisine offered here is yet another reason why you need to plan your vacation to Tokyo.

Goa, India

While India includes various historical landmarks from British and Mughals, its also an excellent place to visit if you wish to relax at a lavish resort. Goa is one of wealthiest cities in India and houses a lavish beach. You can experience the natural beauty here along with pleasures such as amazing casinos. It’s a perfect place for sunbath while having an iced drink.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is another beautiful destination to visit. It’s a perfect place for those who are willing in natural beauty and need to spend some time relaxing. You can have fun on the beaches and live in extremely comfortable resorts. You can also shop in the famous Malaysian markets. The place is perfect for those who love shopping, since you can get amazing merchandize and alarmingly low rates.

Beijing, China

China is another tourist destination. The country is a blend of ancient culture and modern tourist attractions. Beijing, being the heart of China, is a must visit city! There are various ancient museums. You can also visit other places like the Great wall of China and other ancient monasteries and Buddhists, worshipping places can also be visited here.

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